Comicpalooza II

Comicpalooza II.

The very nice Ron Scubadiver posted a blog of photos he took at Comicpalooza this past weekend. It felt pretty awesome because I was one of the girls he took a picture of. I’m the one who cosplayed Amber from Sucker Punch. ­čśÇ Click the Comicpalooza II link above to see his blog entry & page. Enjoy!

~Sherr Bear ^_^


This is my first post on WordPress.

I was actually browsing to see if any pictures were posted from Comicpalooza this past weekend, when I came across someone who had posted a picture they took of me cosplaying as Amber from Sucker Punch on WordPress. ­čÖé

Just wanted to say thank you to┬áronscubadiver for posting the picture of me at Comicpalooza. If there are others who also took a picture of me or with me at the convention, I hope you’ll share those photos with me.

Thank you,

Sherr Bear ^_^