DIY Splint


No one can really predict anything that is about to happen. Yesterday, my finger got caught in the leash wrapped around my hands & the chocolate lab I was walking took off running, leaving a pop sound coming from my finger.

After icing it, I found some popsicle sticks around the house & taped it with sports tape. Thus, leaving me with this DIY splint showed in the picture.

A nurse practitioner told me that I did a good job, and that it’s an old boy scout method. Haha. Hopefully, this will help so that I don’t bend my finger much, affecting my ligament(s) in my finger. XD

“Am I too clingy?”

I was recently asked this question, and seeing as how this person really wanted to know the honest truth, this is what I told him/her.

Everyone has to remember that spending quality time with your significant other is important, and is considered healthy/normal in a relationship. However, this does not mean that you have to spend every waking minute or every free minute you get with the love of your life. 

When you spend too much time together, eventually, you will get sick of each other, or annoyed, because you don’t get to spend time for yourself or with your friends. Always keep in mind that you should give each other space. Don’t suffocate each other. Hope this bit of advice helps those out there.

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Sherr Bear ^_^