AM 2014 – My weekend in Cosplay :P


This past weekend, I attended one of the biggest anime conventions in my area. Though there were problems for many, which included stuff like incorrect information given (or updated info not given), confusing maps to where people couldn’t find panels, lack of volunteers to guide people on where to go, etc., I think the space (at GRB) where the location was at was pretty spacious compared to previous years where everything was so compact & tight. Nonetheless, I did enjoy my time at the con, meeting up with friends and enjoying the artist alley & dealers room. I even purchased a few items, and got to meet Vampybitme.

On Saturday, I cosplayed Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler), and on Sunday, I was only there for a few hours, but I cosplayed Tifa Lockhart from FFVII Advent Children. This was my first time crossplaying, and to my surprise, my Ciel cosplay got quite a bit of attention, esp. from girls & mothers. Haha. 😛 I will provide a selfie of both of my cosplay costumes. If anyone sees or has pics of my cosplay, please feel free to share them with me or tag me. I provided my Twitter & Instagram names on the pic, and will post my FB page below.

Thank you!


Sherr Bear

4 thoughts on “AM 2014 – My weekend in Cosplay :P

  1. I should have gone down there to take pictures in the lobby, but I got lazy because of the bad weather. Nice seeing you on WP again. Please stop by, I have lots of new photos.

    • Thanks. 😀 I got to look at a few earlier. I will have to look at more later. Ya. It rained for a bit on Saturday, but I got in the convention before & waited for the rain to stop before I left. Sunday, it was just sprinkling. It was fun.

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