Christmas Jar Decorations!


The holidays are around the corner and I don’t know about everyone else, but I’ve already started decorating somewhat. Yesterday, I stopped by the Dollar Tree (dollar store) and Hobby Lobby (our local craft store) to pick up some items to create these cute Christmas jar decorations. These were super easy to make and very fun for home, work, or even as gifts.

Materials: 2 jars (I got these from craft store. They were 50% off.), colorful bells (you can buy these from the $1 store or at craft store), figurines for inside the jar (got these from $1 store, Christmas trees, little girl & snowman), Christmas stickers ($1 store), & Christmas themed ribbon (local craft store), hot glue gun & glue sticks (I already had these at home, but you can get them at local craft store).

1st Jar (on the left): I took the hot glue gun & glued the big Christmas tree figurine on the bottom of the jar cap. I placed the jar upside down on top of the lid where I glued the figurine & closed it shut. Then, by taking some Christmas stickers, I separated & stuck them around the outside of the glass part of the jar. When I finished, I took some colorful ribbon and tied a bow at the bottom near the jar’s lid.

2nd Jar (on the right): First, I took a bunch of colorful bells and layered it in the jar. Then, taking the Christmas tree figurine, the girl figurine, & the Snowman figurine, I placed them into the jar on top of the bells where I wanted them to sit & made sure they were snuggled in there so they wouldn’t fall over. After that, I took a snowflake sticker & placed it at the top of the jar’s lid because I wanted to decorate the top a little, and to cover some tape that I couldn’t take off from the jar’s barcode sticker. Haha. Using the Candy Cane looking ribbon again, I tied a bow near the jar’s lid, & I’m done!

I hope my diy creations will give you ideas for the holidays. If you decide to recreate these Christmas jar decorations, or you decide to create your own, please send me a comment or picture. I’d love to see it. Again, you guys don’t have to copy my exact formula for these, you can create your own. There are so many different ways to decorate & use jars.

Happy Holidays! Take care, everyone!!!

~Sherr Bear ^_^


Sweet Tooth Inspired Cake!

Since I finished my exam yesterday, I thought I’d make another posting about a cake that I had made before. Remember when I made a posting about my Chocolate Lovers Cake previously (to see the post, look back at previous posts)? Well, this cake was a Sweet Tooth Inspired Cake.

I made this last November out of a whim because I was feeling creative. I really enjoy designing cakes. Don’t get me wrong, I love baking too, but I like designing a bit more. For this cake, I worked together with my mom with. I designed it, and we both made it because fondant is more my specialty. Haha. 😛

So for this cake, it was a vanilla cake with vanilla fondant on over it, buttercream seashell designs on side of the bottom around the cake & on top, strawberry wafer cookies on the side, and cherries on top. Pretty simple, but cute at the same time. Hope ya’ll enjoy the finished picture!


Hopefully, I’ll get to bake/design more during winter break. 🙂 Thanks for viewing my page!

~Sherr Bear

GIY Wrap Bracelets

GIY Wrap Bracelets

This is a similar idea that I had for my hippie headband that I wore recently in a OOTD picture I have on my Instagram. I saw a video by Ingrid (missglamorazzi) on Youtube, & I took her idea for a 1 braided wrap bracelet & made it into two. Enjoy. 🙂