DIY Sugar Cookie Body Scrub


Posted this a few days ago on my Instagram: WushuQT

Found this recipe from beauty guru Pink So Foxy. 

This body scrub has got to be the most delicious smelling body scrub I’ve ever come across! It makes me want to eat sugar cookies. It’s crazy! XD I must say that this recipe is easy to follow. The only downside is getting the Monoi Tiki Tahiti Vanilla Oil is slightly difficult since I don’t know where they sell it in my area, so I have to buy it online. I tried this body scrub the other day and I must say that it does leave my skin smooth. 1 little tip would be don’t scrub too hard when exfoliating, and another tip is a little goes a long way. 🙂


1/2 cup coconut oil

1/2 cup monoi oil (vanilla)

2 cups cane sugar

Just mix all the ingredients together & then put it in a container of your choice! I used a glass jar I had around the house.

Maybe with Spring in the air, many of ya’ll will want to try this tasty treat for your body. Enjoy!

~Sherr Bear ^_^

Easy Texas-size Baked Potato!



I recently came across these “Texas-size Baked Potatoes,” so I decided to blog about this awesome baked potato I made/ate after work last night. Baked potato is actually not too difficult, but honestly, I didn’t bake mine. I actually steamed it… sorta.

First, I washed my potato and then I poked some holes with my silver fork and let it sit in water for 5-10 minutes so that my potato would be moist. Then I placed the potato in a ceramic plate that curves upward slightly like a bowl and added a bit of water in the plate, put the potato on the plate & put saran wrapped the plate & put it in the microwave for 5 minutes. After that, I took the potato out to check if a chopstick or fork could be pressed into the potato (This will tell me if the potato is soft enough or not). If not, put it back in the microwave & add 2-3 more minutes until it’s cooked right.

When the potato is cooked, cut the potato open and insert your toppings of your choice for your baked potato. You can add green onions, bacon bits, cheese, sour cream, butter, … pretty much whatever you want, and that’s it! I added green onions, mozzarella cheese, and bacon bits in mine since that was what I had at the house.

I hope ya’ll enjoyed my version of an easy baked potato. Haha. I just thought these potatoes were huge & thought I’d share it with everyone. Pretty crazy big, right? 🙂

Take care, everyone!

~Sherr Bear ^_^

Onigiri with Omusubiyama & Seaweed


Photo was from my instagram (username is wushuqt):

Hello everyone!

Long time no post. 🙂 Today I’m going to tell you guys how I made this Onigiri, which is Japanese for rice ball(s).

All you’ll need is a rice cooker, rice, some omusubiyama seasoning (I got the veggie kind from a local Japanese market), seaweed (optional), water, and vinegar for sushi (optional).

1) First, cook the rice.

2) Add the omusubiya seasoning to the rice using the measurements in the packaging.

3) Add vinegar to rice (if you want to).

4) Making sure your hands are clean first, dampen your hands with water to make sure the rice doesn’t stick to your hands.

5) Get some rice with your hands, and mold into a triangular shape.

6) Use water to dampen the seaweed and add it to the rice ball (optional).

Tada! Easy peasy!!!

Hope you guys enjoy my blog!

~Sherr Bear ^_^

DIY Splint


No one can really predict anything that is about to happen. Yesterday, my finger got caught in the leash wrapped around my hands & the chocolate lab I was walking took off running, leaving a pop sound coming from my finger.

After icing it, I found some popsicle sticks around the house & taped it with sports tape. Thus, leaving me with this DIY splint showed in the picture.

A nurse practitioner told me that I did a good job, and that it’s an old boy scout method. Haha. Hopefully, this will help so that I don’t bend my finger much, affecting my ligament(s) in my finger. XD