Hipster Poison Ivy

Did a shoot awhile back for Hipster Poison Ivy. 🙂
Hope ya’ll like it.


Please click picture for image to be bigger w/ better quality.

Photographer: Megaship Cosplay Photography
Cosplayer: Sherr Bear
Make up: Sherr Bear
Cosplay: Hipster Poison Ivy


Poison Ivy Makeup Tutorial

I attended a Halloween party last night & decided to go as Poison Ivy. Though my costume that I was trying to make/put together didn’t go as I had planned, I ended up wearing a simple green skater dress from Urban Outfitters, along w/ some ankle boots. I focused more of my attention on my makeup look for the face. I hope my video (which was a recreation of last night’s look) will give a brief overview of how I achieved the look.

Oh ya. Yes, I know I was using the same ring finger a lot to apply eye makeup on, but every time I used a different color, I’d wipe my finger on a cleansing cloth on the table nearby.

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