Biker/Punk (Bosozoku) Sailor Scouts

Hey everyone.

Another week has gone by. This past weekend, there was an anime convention in our area, and this was one of the shoots I was involved in. The concept of the Bosozoku (biker/punk) Sailor Scouts was created by Babs Tarr, so we were inspired by her artwork to cosplay these classic Sailor Scout characters with a twist. It’s always fun to think outside the box.

This cosplay was fun to do since I got to try my hand at reconstructing some clothing. I will probably post about how I reconstructed my t-shirt in another post. Working with my fellow cosplayers was fun (I will list everyone’s cosplay names below). It was also very awesome when Babs Tarr commented on our photo I posted on Instagram, tweeted it, and reposted it on her Tumblr. Very amazing feeling. 🙂


From left to right:
Biker Jupiter – Luna Grace Cosplay
Biker Mars – Sam (She does not have a cosplay page yet)
Biker Venus – Pixie Dust Cosplay
Biker Moon – Mariposa Bella
Biker Mercury – Sherr Bear (me)
Biker Saturn – Twee Nee Cosplay

Aside from Sam (Mars), you can find our cosplay pages on Facebook.
Photo taken by 6 Sided Productions.

Thanks so much for visiting my page!

My next post will be a DIY post on how I reconstructed my T-shirt for this cosplay, and I will post more pictures of this group cosplay later on.

~Sherr Bear

My DIY Dark Princess Hair Chain Combs

I made this cute headpiece yesterday on a whim. At first, I was thinking about a princess look, but as I was choosing the chain color, I wanted to go with a darker color, so I chose gunmetal color chain & I used gunmetal color jump rings & attached it to 2 silver hair combs. I made sure to space out the jump rings & made sure that the chains had a ripple effect, so the higher it went, the shorter the chains got. Then, for the finishing touch, I added an additional silver chain on one of the sides of a comb & attached a silver key charm hanging down. So what was originally a princess look turned into a dark princess look. 🙂

For a look at the photo, please check out my Instagram at WushuQT or click here.