My DIY Rose Scented Layered Soaps!


Welcome back to another DIY post, everyone!

Last night, I decided to make some layered soaps with a rose scent. It was really fun to make & a great way to de-stress. Quite a few of my friends asked me how I made these, so I decided to blog about it. 


Materials You Will Need:

Glass jar or Pyrex measuring cup (This is to melt the soap base, so make sure you get something that can be put in the microwave or be able to withstand heat.)

Stirring spoon (This is used to stir the soap base when adding colorant & what not into the jar.)

Metal dough scraper (This is used to cut the soap base and/or soap at the end to get it to the shape you need.)

Silicon or plastic mold (This is used to help make the shape of the soap. You can use whatever kind of mold you’d like.)

Clear glycerin Soap and/or White base soap (I used a clear glycerin soap & I also used a white base soap with shea butter. I bought these by 2 lbs. You can get this at your local craft store or online.)

Soap colorants (These are specially made dyes for soaps, lotions, bath bombs, etc. I purchased a primary color set from Hobby Lobby and just mixed the colors to my likings.)

Essential oil(s) (I used tea tree oil. Tea tree oil can be used for acne, eczema, dandruff, dry scalp, chest congestion, sunburn, colds, coughs, and many more.)

Soap scented oil(s) (I used a rose scented oil because I love floral scents.)

Rubbing alcohol (This is used to adhere the layers of the soap and to prevent bubbles from forming when making the soap.)

Spray bottle (I bought this from Target in the travel section. This is used to put the rubbing alcohol in to spray the soap.)



1) Using the metal dough scraper, cut the glycerin soap(s) and/or white base soap(s) into cubes.

2) Put 3-4 cubes into your glass jar or pyrex cup & put into the microwave & heat for 20 seconds. Take it out of the microwave, stir with your spoon, and put it back in the microwave to melt for another 10 seconds if needed until the cubes are melted. Keep doing in intervals of 10 seconds until you feel like it’s done. Do not overheat the soap base. Use your best judgement on this. 🙂 

3) Taking the glass jar to the side, now you will go ahead and add the soap colorant(s) of your choice. A couple drops of the dye will be good, and you will just stir with a spoon until the color is the color you like. You can add colorant to your liking. Remember, glycerin soap will be the colors you put in. Just refer to the color wheel for color references on what colors the primary colors will turn into when mixed. Otherwise, you can try and find the colorants closest to the color you want. If you use a white base soap, remember that whatever color you use, the color will come out lighter than expected. Example, using a white base soap with shea butter, I dropped a few drops of red colorant inside and stirred. The color became light pink. Keep in mind also that the white base soaps are going to have an opaque color, while the clear glycerin soaps will have a transparent color.

4) Then take the essential oil(s) of your choice, add a few drops into the glass container and stir.

5) After that, take your soap scented oil(s), and add a little bit into the glass container and stir. (If your contents become hard, you can reheat it again, but don’t overheat.)

*6) This is an optional step, but if you want to add coconut oil or sunflower oil to make your soap extra moisturizing. I did not put this in the materials section since I did not add any, but you can if you like. Also, organic kind would be the best.

7) Taking your glass container, you will use a spray bottle of rubbing alcohol and spray the top of the contents to prevent it from bubbling. Afterwards, you will pour the contents into the mold of your choice. I used a rectangular shaped mold. After I poured the 1st layer, I let the contents sit for 5 minutes. Make sure the contents have hardened before you do the next step. You can lightly shake the mold to see if it still moves.

8) Then, using the same process as before, you making your second color of soap contents. Before you pour the contents on top of the layer you have, spray rubbing alcohol on top of the layer you have already in the mold, and then pour the contents on top.

9) I continued to do the same process, but with a different color until I reached my 3rd or 4th layer of soap. Once that is done, I let the contents in the mold sit for a couple hours to harden. You can put this in the fridge to speed up the process.

10) When you are sure the contents in the mold are fully hardened, you will push the contents from the mold out and wrap with saran wrap so that it can be preserved well.


That’s it! This is how I achieved my DIY rose scented layered soaps. I hope ya’ll enjoyed my tutorial. Please feel free to share your layered soaps if you decide to try this out. I’d love to see them. These make great gifts for any occasion. You can be as creative as you want. There are many ways to make soap. You can even use cookie cutters for shapes & what not.

If you’d like to share your versions of layered soaps, my Twitter username is PeachQT, and my Instagram username is WushuQT.

Thank you so much for checking out my DIY/beauty review blog!

Sherr Bear ^_^

DIY Lush Inspired White Chocolate Massage Bars (aka Lotion Bars)!


Thanks for checking out my blog!

Today, I decided to try making these Lush-inspired White Chocolate Massage Bars (Lotion Bars). These massage bars smell so delicious. I think the Monoi Tiki Tahiti Vanilla Oil is becoming my favorite product to use when making anything now. 😛

So, I got this recipe from beauty guru Pink So Foxy. You can view her video here: Pink So Foxy DIY Lush Massage Bars

Here’s kind of a quick overview of how I made these massage bars (but you can watch the video she made as well). 🙂


1&1/2 tbsp of beeswax (or 15 grams…)

1 tbsp of cocoa butter

1/2 tbsp of whipped shea butter

1 tbsp of Monoi Tiki Tahiti Vanilla Oil (vanilla infused coconut oil)

1/2 tbsp of kukui nut oil

any kind of mold to make the massage bar

glass container to melt the wax/butter/oils

cacao nibs (optional)



1) Melt 15 grams of beeswax. I estimated about that much or a little more since I didn’t feel like cutting or grating the beeswax.

2) Add 1 tbsp of cocoa butter.

3) Add 1/2 tbsp whipped shea butter.

4) Add 1 tbsp of the vanilla infused coconut oil.

5) Add 1/2 tbsp of kukui nut oil.

6) Mix and make sure everything is melted and well blended.

7) Add cacao nibs to silicon mold prior to pouring contents (optional). Can use other ingredients like rose petals or coconut too, or leave plain.

8) Pour contents into silicon mold and let massage soap sit for a few hours before removing.

9) Put in fridge overnight in ziplock bag to make sure the massage bars are completely finished. 😀 (Note: This is a recipe for a 2 oz bar).

Not bad for my 1st try! :3 I like that all products used were natural and/or organic. Awesome stuff!!!

Enjoy everyone!


Sherr Bear

DIY Sugar Cookie Body Scrub


Posted this a few days ago on my Instagram: WushuQT

Found this recipe from beauty guru Pink So Foxy. 

This body scrub has got to be the most delicious smelling body scrub I’ve ever come across! It makes me want to eat sugar cookies. It’s crazy! XD I must say that this recipe is easy to follow. The only downside is getting the Monoi Tiki Tahiti Vanilla Oil is slightly difficult since I don’t know where they sell it in my area, so I have to buy it online. I tried this body scrub the other day and I must say that it does leave my skin smooth. 1 little tip would be don’t scrub too hard when exfoliating, and another tip is a little goes a long way. 🙂


1/2 cup coconut oil

1/2 cup monoi oil (vanilla)

2 cups cane sugar

Just mix all the ingredients together & then put it in a container of your choice! I used a glass jar I had around the house.

Maybe with Spring in the air, many of ya’ll will want to try this tasty treat for your body. Enjoy!

~Sherr Bear ^_^

My 1st Batch of DIY Natural Honey Chocolate Beeswax Lip Balm


Hello Lovelies!

I’m back with another DIY post!!! 😀 I recently found a few natural lip balm recipes on Youtube & decided to try it out. 


Original video where I got this recipe (Youtube user: OnTheCheapTip):



1 tbsp of Beeswax (purchased from local Farmer’s Market)

2 tbsp of (Extra Virgin) Olive Oil 

1 tbsp of Honey (used organic one from mom’s friend who owns a bee farm)

2 dropperfuls of Vitamin E (original recipe used inside contents of 2-3 capsules of Vitamin E)

1 & 1/2 tsp of Dark Cocoa Powder (I used an organic one) – This step is optional, but that’s what makes this recipe have chocolate flavor. :3

Few containers to put lip balm in (I used a few old eyeshadow containers that I cleaned & a new contact lens case that I cut in half because it had a cute elephant on it)


1) Add the beeswax, olive oil, honey, & vitamin E into a glass container that you can microwave & put it in the microwave for a minute, take it out & stir. I actually only put it in for 40 seconds one time & took it out & stirred cuz it looked like it was going to boil, and the guy said not to let it boil because the honey will get hard. This step is supposed to be done 3x, but I just did it once since it felt pretty hot already & everything was melted.

2) Add the dark cocoa powder into the glass container & mix until the contents are well blended.

3) Pour the contents into your lip balm containers, and put the containers in the fridge for 10-15 minutes.

4) Tada!!! Your lip balm(s) are done!!!!!


Why use these ingredients?

Beeswax – protectant from Earth’s elements, antibacterial for lips, heal & soften the skin.

Olive Oil – cleanses & moisturizes the skin.

Honey – natural antimicrobial, moisturizes, high in antioxidants, acts as SPF.

Vitamin E- heal & repair skin.

Dark Cocoa Powder – contains Vitamin A, B, D, & E, high in antioxidants & minerals, & it tastes amazing!


Thanks for checking out my post!

~Sherr Bear ^_^